An uplifting way to raise funds for our work on Dartmoor

Join our lively community of fundraisers

There are plenty of ways to get involved in raising money for us, and they all come with a feel-good factor. You’ll find it wonderful working with other people who love Dartmoor’s heritage ponies and landscapes as much as you do.

Our fundraisers say the sense of achievement is a big part of the pleasure. When you do a great job for a cause you’re passionate about, learn new skills and boost your self confidence, you’ve ticked every box!   

Community fundraising means working together for a common cause. Between us we generate a buzz, raise awareness, create new relationships and networks, and build a real sense of unity and purpose.

Would you like to get involved?

How our community fundraising scheme works

You’re welcome to do your own fundraising activities, of course, but the beauty of community fundraising is you’re a member of a vibrant community of people on the same wavelength who are also keen to raise funds. Together you’ll do amazing things.

Bake sales and boot fairs, plant stalls, seed sales and parachute jumps, fun runs and sponsored swims, beard-shaving and community carnivals, concerts and open gardens, there’s no end to the ways you can raise funds.

Contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator

Your first step is to email our friendly volunteer co-ordinator at volunteer@dpht.co.uk or call on  01626 833234. They’ll link you to others in our fundraising community so you can share inspiration, knowledge, ideas, resources and experiences.

Our Philosophy

Conservation and education sit at the heart of everything we do, playing a key part in the thinking process behind all of our decisions.  Without your invaluable help we couldn’t protect the future of the beautiful Dartmoor Pony for future generations.  Thanks to your generosity we work tirelessly to create awareness, build exciting opportunities for engagement and educate people about these hardy intelligent creatures who call Dartmoor their home.