DPHT membership

Help preserve the native ponies of Dartmoor

Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust Membership

You can help preserve the Heritage Dartmoor pony and its landscape in all sorts of exciting ways. This is what you get as a member, whether you join as an adult, a young person or a family.    

Junior Membership

Under 16s adore the moorland and the ponies that live here. Membership helps them learn more as well as join in. There’s a special welcome pack, two organised walks at our moorland site at Bellever, in spring and autumn showcasing the moorland in different seasons, regular newsletters and email updates, plus the chance to meet new friends and join in with a wealth of fun activities and events.

Adult Membership

As an adult, membership connects you directly with like-minded people supporting the charity’s work. You’ll get a welcome pack full of inspiring detail, two free guided walks at our moorland site at Bellever in spring and autumn, to experience the changing seasons on Dartmoor, plus regular newsletters and email updates. We arrange online webinars about the ponies and the moor and, in your Members Area, you get to vote on important decisions and view special event invitations.

Family Membership

There’s nothing quite like supporting our charity as a family, a magical way to share activities and learn with the people you love. You’ll get a detailed welcome pack, two free guided walks at our Bellever moorland site – spring and autumn – plus regular newsletters and email updates. Your family online membership area comes with two votes on our plans plus special event invitations.

Here’s the small print we’re required by law to share with members.  In Plain English it simply means:

  1. If anything changes you’ll be happy with the changes
  2. If our charity ever goes bankrupt, which is very unlikely indeed, as a member your liability is limited to a maximum of £5

‘By joining the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust membership, a charitable company limited by guarantee, you agree to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Charity as may be amended by special resolution of the members from time to time, and to abide by any other membership rules and regulations of the Charity established by the Trustees from time to time pursuant to and consistent with the Articles of Association of the Charity.’

‘You also agree to contribute (in accordance with the Articles of Association) a sum not exceeding £5 towards the costs of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by the Charity in the event of the Charity is dissolved while you remain a member or within 12 months afterwards.’