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We rely on donations to support our farmers and breeders who work to ensure the Dartmoor Pony – a keystone species – remains in its native habitat long into the future. Without your generosity and invaluable support, we couldn’t protect this beautiful breed that helps keep Dartmoor healthy for future generations.

Dartmoor without the Dartmoor Pony is unthinkable. Our ponies are not just a tourist attraction. They are the lynchpin to the entire moorland ecosystem, ensuring the environment flourishes and biodiversity is maintained and enhanced. To lose them would not only change the equilibrium of the landscape but would be a tragic loss to our cultural heritage.

Conservation and education sit at the heart of everything we do. We work tirelessly to create awareness and build exciting opportunities to engage with people, educating them about these hardy, intelligent creatures who call Dartmoor their home.

Your support makes a difference, whether it’s a one-off donation or a regular contribution that we can rely on each month.