Ponies for sale

Buying a Dartmoor Pony


The DPHT offer a free handling service for our Dartmoor Pony Keepers. All ponies and foals offered for sale can be: Ground Started in five basic foundation skills: 1. Halter 2. Leading 3. Picking up feet / grooming 4. Catching 5. Loading into a trailer


A number of small herds all bucket trained and suitable for conservation grazing are now available on request.


Available on request – please email for more information. We will need to know what you want to do with your new pony, size, age, colour preference, etc. We would encourage you to take a look at the Dartmoor Pony Society Sales List which more often carries mature ponies.  However, we are always happy to advise, point you in the right direction and do all we can to help.

We always have a range of young stock and ponies available that we have been working on, so if you don’t see the pony you are looking for on the sales list, still contact us as we have many contacts that may have that special pony or herd of conservation grazers that you are looking for.

Our breeders & farmers can offer Fully registered, Supplementary registered and Traditional Unregistered Ponies (Heritage).

Please email: salesenquiry@dpht.co.uk or phone 01626 833234 with full details of what sort of pony you are looking for, including budget, sex, purpose, etc.

Current sales list

If you are considering buying a Dartmoor Pony or need more information please take a look at our current sales list.