Buy a heritage Dartmoor Pony and fall in love!

Buying a Dartmoor Pony

Buy a heritage Dartmoor Pony and fall in love!

We support people who want to buy a heritage Dartmoor pony for themselves and help keep the magic going for future generations.

We’re helping Dartmoor’s breeders and farmers sell their heritage colts so breeding herds on the moor can be funded sustainably. We want to share the joy these beautiful animals bring with families around the country, and support conservation grazing for nature elsewhere.

The heritage ponies that we sell are being sold on behalf of the reputable farmers and breeders we work so closely with. As great quality animals with known backgrounds, every choice is a good one.

How to buy a heritage Dartmoor pony 

Complete the contact form below and one of our team will work with you to make the introductions with our pony breeders and keepers offering you our expert help.

We’re pleased to be sure the heritage Dartmoor ponies on sale find their forever home, a place where they’ll be happy and healthy.  

All the ponies for sale have been bred by highly experienced breeders and keepers who live and work on Dartmoor.

About the heritage Dartmoor pony

These moor bred ponies are lovely animals. Becoming an owner means you also help preserve these increasingly rare animals in their natural landscape. You’re also buying a friend for life.

Standing no higher than 12.2hh with a full flowing mane and tail, ponies native to Dartmoor have a single colour; bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut or roan.

Our breeder and keeper ponies are all passported with the Dartmoor Pony Society. They originate from the moor’s ancient wild herds. They’re tough, robust and surefooted, and they thrive in harsh moorland conditions.

For sale – ponies native to Dartmoor

Here’s how it works.

  • Use the contact form below or email us at and we’ll be delighted to help everything go smoothly: 

If you’d like our support, this is what we’ll need from you:

  • Your contact phone number and email address
  • An idea of the kind of pony you’d like to buy and the reason for buying
  • Specify your maximum budget
  • Confirm your location
  • Let us know the details of your set-up
Make an Enquiry

If you are considering buying a Dartmoor Pony or need more information please complete the below contact form and the DPHT team will happily assist you.