Meaningful Corporate Team Days

Meaningful Corporate Team Days

Book hands-on corporate team days to help us restore the landscape for nature, for heritage Dartmoor pony herds, and for people.

Worthwhile work that boosts team spirit  

Corporate groups make such a big difference to Dartmoor’s upland heathland and the future of our wildlife.

Our active corporate team days help build stronger, happier teams. The activities vary throughout the seasons, always accessible and fun for people of every ability, and they come with so many benefits: 

  • Get nature aware
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Connect with each other informally
  • Nurture great teams
  • Think creatively
  • Learn practical skills
  • Find out about natural Dartmoor, its wildlife and challenges
  • Hit sustainability goals
  • Have fun!

Your corporate team day activities make a real difference

It might involve general scrub control or an invigorating scrub bashing day. You might be removing conifer saplings, creating new glades and tracks, or getting involved in a vital citizen science survey.

Whatever you do, your work helps heritage Dartmoor ponies manage the heathland, creating varied micro-climates and habitats for a huge range of wildlife.

Pricing and details

Because the activities are tailored to each company’s needs, we price them individually. As an example, taking a team of twenty people onto our Bellever moorland site for a day’s active volunteering comes in at around £1,900.

The charge covers our expertise in moorland sites, conditions and habitat-improvement activities plus:

  • Minibus transport to the site from a local rail station if you need it
  • An interesting briefing on why the work with moorland ponies is vital to help the environment
  • A comprehensive risk assessment
  • The relevant Health and Safety protocols
  • A safe staff-to-group ratio
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • All the equipment needed

Book corporate team days on Dartmoor

Contact Us to tell us the size of your group and the month you’d most like to join us. Then we’ll find you the perfect activity, site and date to suit your team and budget. Demand is high, so please contact us at least 6 weeks beforehand.

Just one thing to bear in mind – as you’d expect, cancellation terms apply.

We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!  


Our Philosophy

Conservation and education sit at the heart of everything we do, playing a key part in the thinking process behind all of our decisions.  Without your invaluable help we couldn’t protect the future of the beautiful Dartmoor Pony for future generations.  Thanks to your generosity we work tirelessly to create awareness, build exciting opportunities for engagement and educate people about these hardy intelligent creatures who call Dartmoor their home.