About Us

At the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust


The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust works tirelessly to secure the future of the Heritage and registered Dartmoor Pony native to Dartmoor, while inspiring and connecting people with Dartmoor’s wildlife, landscape and heritage.

Two words drive everything that we do: Conservation and Education.



The central tenet of DPHT’s work is to deliver innovative outreach education and conservation opportunities so young people and adults can learn more about the plight of the Moorland Pony, their crucial role in its ecology and their role in mankind’s place on the landscape.

These education opportunities, which are open to schools and private groups, are designed to  improve knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Dartmoor’s landscape, biodiversity, archaeology and heritage.


Working with key partners is critical to our aims; we work closely with conservation bodies like the National Trust and local Wildlife Trusts to place ponies for conservation grazing.  We also work closely with other stakeholders and pony keepers to ensure their involvement in conserving the Heritage Dartmoor Pony.

Our bespoke visitor and education centre at Parke Estate is open to the public on selected days throughout the year and is a valuable resource in promoting our efforts and education opportunities.

If you’d like to discuss our work and what we do here at DPHT, call us on 01626 833234 or email admin@dpht.co.uk

Our Philosophy

Conservation and education sit at the heart of everything we do, playing a key part in the thinking process behind all of our decisions.  Without your invaluable help we couldn’t protect the future of the beautiful Dartmoor Pony for future generations.  Thanks to your generosity we work tirelessly to create awareness, build exciting opportunities for engagement and educate people about these hardy intelligent creatures who call Dartmoor their home.