Mainstream education

For Primary and Secondary Schools

The central theme of DPHT’s work is to deliver innovative education and conservation opportunities; providing participants a sense of understanding, leading to respect and appreciation of what Dartmoor has to offer now and into the future.

We believe engagement is the most invaluable educational tool we have. Our passion for explaining the critical role the Dartmoor Pony has in creating biodiversity and how they have interacted with man during our time on Dartmoor is a vital  part of our mission to conserve these ponies for years to come.

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust has several years experience in working with a range of schools groups, special needs students and young people with behavioural issues. We are able to offer a bespoke visit for your group ensuring the learning outcomes relate to the National Curriculum.

Our Commitment to Education and Engagement

We provide more FREE Guided Walks than any other organisation on Dartmoor and we have volunteers carrying out conservation work every month. This includes maintenance of areas around existing archaeological sites and partnering with the Dartmoor National Park Authority to uncover and record new ones.  This work is for the long-term benefit of the public and the preservation of Dartmoor’s heritage and history. 

What A Visit Entails For Your Group

We welcome primary and secondary school students to our heritage site at Bellever Forest. We see the countryside as an invaluable teaching resource, flexible enough to cover many subjects of the curriculum, from the Sciences to English, History and any subject in between.  We can cater for specific learning requirements of your group and shape our sessions so that they meet your intended goals and outcomes. From question and answer sessions to guided walks or even map reading.

What Do Visitors Get Out of a Visit?

As well as providing unique educational experiences, visits to us have the added benefit of opening up young people’s eyes to aspects of nature they may not have realised, as well as building confidence and giving young people a day that they’ll remember for years to come.

Our Educational Experience

The DPHT has many years of experience in working with a range of school groups, special needs students and young people with behavioural issues. Whatever the needs and challenges presented by your group, discuss them with us and we can guarantee a worthwhile and enriching visit.

We would love to work with your school or group. To find out more and discuss your requirements with us, please call 01626 833234 or email


“The whole class (including staff) derived enormous benefits from our visits.  All children showed a great improvement in their communication skills, willingly interacting with familiar and unfamiliar adults appropriately and also showing improved interpersonal skills with each other.  Their listening skills and their ability to follow more complex instructions was challenged and as a consequence, these skills improved too.

“I was able to link our visits to the ponies to a number of curriculum areas when we were back in school and our visits to the ponies become an integral part of classroom work.  It gave a variety of subjects a link to real life situations which motivated the children to learn.”

Janet Haley,
Orchard Manor School, Dawlish