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We are supporting our farmers and breeders to underpin the herds to ensure the Dartmoor Pony remains on Dartmoor long into the future.  Dartmoor without the Dartmoor Pony is unthinkable, our ponies are the lynchpin to ensuring the landscape flourishes and our ecosystems are supported. They are not just a tourist attraction. The Dartmoor Pony is a keystone species which ensures our biodiversity is maintained and enhanced. To lose them would not only change the equilibrium of the landscape but would be a tragic loss to our cultural heritage.

Conservation and education sit at the heart of everything we do, playing a key part in the thinking process behind all of our decisions.  Without your generosity and invaluable help we couldn’t protect the future of the beautiful Dartmoor Pony for future generations.  We work tirelessly to create awareness, build exciting opportunities for engagement and educate people about these hardy intelligent creatures who call Dartmoor their home.

In return for your support, which matters such a lot to us and the ponies, you will have all the benefits listed plus access to an exciting online members area keeping you up to date with all our important work and latest news.

Being a Lifetime Member gives you an equal say in the running of the Trust, no matter where you live.*

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*By joining the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust membership, a charitable company limited by guarantee (“the Charity”). You agree to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Charity as may be amended by special resolution of the members from time to time, and to abide by any other membership rules and regulations of the Charity established by the Trustees from time to time pursuant to and consistent with the Articles of Association of the Charity.

You also agree to contribute (in accordance with the Articles of Association) a sum not exceeding £5 towards the costs of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by the Charity in the event of the Charity is dissolved while you remain a member or within 12 months afterwards.