nick baker

Nick has been making films for over 30 years and is a familiar name to millions of people as a presenter of various wildlife programmes. In addition to his high profile roles on the BBC’s Autumn Watch Unsprung and Spring Watch Unsprung, he also presented the popular long running series Weird Creatures and has an impressive catalogue of credits to his name from National Geographic’s Ultimate Explorers to The Really Wild Show.


Dartmoor has been Nick’s home for nearly 30 years and he is a devoted observer of its marvellous wildlife, varied habitats and its native ponies.


“I am honoured to become a patron for such an important charity that uses education as a tool for understanding the vital role of conservation and the Dartmoor pony.  I see myself as a link, helping to explain this important story through film, writing and events.”



“The ecosystems on Dartmoor are fascinating and incredible but integral to these systems are the Dartmoor pony, and the habitat it creates through grazing.

“The Dartmoor pony is a keystone species on the moor, creating a patchwork of vegetation for invertebrates, reptiles and birdlife.”


“The conservation work the DPHT has been carrying out at Bellever is incredibly exciting, as well as its work across the country in promoting the Dartmoor pony for conservation grazing. As a naturalist I see the benefit of what the ponies actually deliver and how their grazing habits enhance wildlife.”


“These tough grazing animals we all know and love offer so much, not only in encouraging people to come and explore Dartmoor, but on the impact they have on ecological habitats right across the UK. This is the tale I very much look forward to sharing.”

Conservation grazing for Biodiversity

“The DPHT is carrying out fantastic work at Bellever where they manage 450 hectares of Moorland using ponies for conservation grazing and it’s been fascinating recording the very positive impact they are having in developing biodiversity.”