Judi Spiers

DPHT patron since 2009

Judi spiers

Judi is a long-standing Patron of the DPHT and has given her full support to the work the charity does to preserve the Dartmoor Pony on Dartmoor and to make a difference to young people’s lives using Dartmoor Ponies as the platform for learning in its ‘Ponies Inspiring People’ programme.

Judi has a good understanding of the Charity’s work and of the ponies on Dartmoor.  She is great at encouraging colleagues, friends and family and everyone she meets to find out more about the lives of the ponies, to visit DPHT, adopt a pony and to take up the FREE guided walks at Bellever, near Postbridge and to do whatever they can to help safeguard the future of the iconic symbol of the moor.

In support of the Fresh Tracks programme that took 16 young people with a range of life challenges across some 10 miles of Dartmoor with ponies Lark, Chatty and George, as part of the Ten Tors Challenge, Judi was full of enthusiasm. ”Yet ANOTHER wonderful idea from Dru and the team at DPHT.  Not only do they come up with these ideas but they see them through with what has become their trademark enthusiasm, passion and energy!  The Army and DPHT how can it fail?!”

Judy Spiers

I can honestly say that there cannot be any organisation more proactive, motivated, determined and fun to be around, than the DPHT!  Over the years Dru Butterfield and her team of volunteers have given opportunities to hundreds of ponies and children and I love doing what I can to support them.