Your money truly helps

IDEAS TO fundraise - having fun along the way

We have put together some fundraising ideas for you.

Some can be done from the comfort of your own home. Others will allow you to get some fresh air whilst keeping yourself safe. All of them will raise vital funds to support our work. 

No matter where you are, you can make a difference.


Bake Off – invite your friends to a baking challenge.  You can all donate to participate.  Send pictures of your creations to each other and you also get to enjoy the finished result.  Everyone loves cake!!

Online home pub quiz – become the quizmaster and raise a glass with your friends and family.  You could host the quiz on video chat or send questions by email.


Run a class – teach your friends something new like online Yoga or Tai Chi, a language or cookery class.  You could ‘go crafty’ and craft something or pass on your IT and social media skills.


Get them giggling – take dares from your co-workers!!  Wear a funny costume on your team video call, work from the shed or sing to your team online!

Team Social – get together with your colleagues for a post work social through video chat and donate what you would have spent on drinks and food.  You could also add the cost of your travel.


Choose your challenge – pick an exercise to do every day for a month – anything from push ups to star jumps, hopping on your exercise bike and pedalling a fixed distance or even learning zumba!!


Chores for cash – challenge your kids to raise money by completing tasks like cooking, dusting, washing up and tidying their rooms.

Indoor sports on a rainy day – host an indoor challenge event for your children.  Who can do the most handstands, star jumps, run on the spot or stay silent the longest?  You could even involve their friends online too!

Walking and Cycling – ask for sponsorship and get fit at the same time.

Gardening – mow a lawn or do some weeding in the veg patch.


At DPHT we all, including most importantly our wonderful ponies, value your support.  Whatever you can do to help, thank you.

We really do appreciate your support.

All funds are vital in helping us continue to protect the future of the indigenous Dartmoor Pony and provide educational and support programmes for people of all ages.