Sunny Rum and Rolo
Update – Rum and Rolo at Wimpole

Rum and Rolo are doing great, they are a real hit with our visitors and spend much of their time with their noses over the paddock fence or stable door asking for attention.  They are out in the field overnight being rufty tufty Dartmoors and come into the stable during the day.  They are stabled alongside our donkeys Daisy and Charlie, who Rum in particular finds very interesting! Rum has continued with his lunging over the summer and has also been out walking in his bridle and roller, we hope to continue introducing him to harness as time allows.  We have been battling with the freezing temperatures and burst pipes but so long as the ponies had a big pile of hay in the field they were happy!


Rum and Rolo in the frosty weather

Rolo meeting Jasper

Rum in the Frost


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