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Update on Rolo and Rum

We had this message from Emma at Wimpole Home Farm this week.

Wonderful to know that the boys are settling in well in their new home and great to know that we will receive periodic updates and pictures too.


The boys are really great. 

Everyone loves them!

They have stayed in the paddock since they arrived with daily hellos from each team of volunteers each day of the week.  On Saturday they both had a groom and feet picked out and were impeccably behaved.  We left headcollars on for the first couple of days, in case they were tricky to catch.  Alice gave them each a fly fringe on the warmer days, which they took great joy in ripping off each other with their teeth, which made us all laugh! 

Yesterday they had a crazy five minutes around the field but generally they are very settled.  They love watching and whinnying at the other equines going by. 

Rolo is slightly more reserved but happy enough to have a pat and a stroke, Rum is always right there front and centre wanting attention and I imagine is a cheeky little chappy. 

I am so pleased with the pair of them, I will send more pics over the next week or so.

This week we will introduce them to the barn and their shared stable, just to have a look and a groom, then back out into the paddock again, we will then build that up over the weeks/months to ensure that they are happy spending time inside alongside the donkeys.

Their next vaccine is due in the next couple of weeks and we will introduce them to our farrier too.

 All my best and a whinny from the boys.


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