Teamwork with Forestry England on Farrier Day!

We were recently out at Bellever for a farrier day to trim the hooves of the ponies in our care that make up our conservation grazing herd on site.

We are fortunate to have John Berwick as our farrier and a great team of volunteers to bring the ponies in! We also trimmed tails, cut knots out of manes and checked for ticks etc.

As we turned the ponies out from our catch pen, Tim Powles of Forestry England came to see us and understand better how we care for the ponies on the site that we all hold so dear. He ended up helping us enormously later when we went out to Riddon Ridge to search for a couple of missing ponies and he held traffic for us after we caught one of them and led her all the way back to Bellever Tor!

We believe our ponies escaped due to public access gates not being shut properly- PLEASE check that every gateway you walk or ride or cycle through is fully secure. If you have any concerns at Bellever, please call us on 01626 833234.

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