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Support Package to Breeder & Keeper Members

Support Package Background

The primary beneficiaries of the DPHT are the Farmers and Breeders.  In the current economic climate, the market for ponies is diminishing whilst the cost of breeding and keeping Heritage Dartmoor Pony herds increases.  This is having two direct impacts: disincentive to young farmers in establishing or taking on multi-generational herds and the departure of farmers and breeders keeping ponies in favour of focusing their limited resources on cattle and sheep.

Over time this will have a detrimental impact on Dartmoor and maintaining the key native Dartmoor Pony bloodlines.

Grant Package

The grant scheme will provide an annual package of support to Dartmoor Pony breeders, prioritised to a new farmer/breeder setting up or inheriting a Heritage Dartmoor Pony herd, farmer or breeder that can demonstrate that they are in financial hardship and support to farmers/breeders who are considering retirement or removing their herd.

The grant package is for financial support to those breeders and keepers who are not able to partake in any DPHT services or offerings, such as Ponies held at Bellever in DPHT care or any organised castration events. Additional payments are not eligible for these ponies.

The package will consist of support for one or more of the following:

Passport and chipping, castration, inoculations, winter feed/hay.

Individual breeders will need to submit an application to the DPHT Board who will review these applications monthly. (2nd Wednesday of each month)

The support package is open to all DPHT breeder & keeper members that keep or intend to keep native Dartmoor ponies on Dartmoor.


Incentivise the retention and sustainment of the Heritage and registered Dartmoor Ponies native to Dartmoor and assist the next generation of breeders on Dartmoor.  A key benefit of this support package is that the funding goes directly to the DPHT primary beneficiaries.

Grants will be given for specific purposes:

A.    Initial support cost for newly born foals:

1.     Castrations @£100 per colt or attendance of an organised DPHT castration clinic.

2.     Chipping & Passport @£45 per foal.

3.     Inoculations / vaccinations / wormers @£100 per foal

4.     Winter feed and bedding – £120 per foal

Maximum grant fund available = £365 per foal

B.    Heritage Dartmoor Pony – Mare

1.     A grant of £100 per year for each Heritage and registered Dartmoor Pony Mares used for breeding and native to Dartmoor.

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust will only consider grants for Heritage and registered Dartmoor Ponies native to Dartmoor, specifically those ponies that are ‘true to type’ Dartmoor Ponies as defined and inspected by A Panel Dartmoor Pony Society Judges and that are on the recognized Dartmoor Pony Society passports with a Mauve, Pink, Blue or Green cover.

Subject to Board Review

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