RSPB The Lodge – Conservation Grazing Success

Since the moment we contacted DPHT about the possibility of loaning some Dartmoor Ponies to carry out some conservation grazing on our reserve, they have been nothing but fantastic. Dru has been incredibly helpful in sharing with us her knowledge of Dartmoor ponies and advising us on a variety of issues from infrastructure to pony numbers for the site, and introduced us to Paul our grazier. From the off, Paul has been very enthusiastic about the project and was always very flexible and accommodating to meet our grazing requirements, dropping off and collecting the ponies on the requested dates. The ponies themselves have been a huge success with both visitors and the job they were brought on to do. They have helped knock back the encroaching rank grasses on our heathland, nibbled away at the scrub (including birch, bramble and broom) as well as lightly graze the heather, which will help encourage new growth. The team also enjoyed the discovery of dung beetles after the delightful task of rummaging through some of the dung. Overall it has been a very easy process to hire the ponies and I look forward to continuing to work with the DPHT and Paul over the coming years to improve our heathland habitat with their Dartmoor ponies.

Alan Kell

Warden, The Lodge

RSPB The Lodge Nature Reserve The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

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