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You will shortly be receiving an email from Mi-Voice regarding the DPHT AGM 2023.

Mi-Voice is assisting the DPHT with voting for this year’s process.
You should expect the voting email to be  issued from elections@mi-voice.com

This is the first year that we have made use of electronic voting and distribution of papers for the AGM.  You may recall that when we revised our Articles of Association, one of the objectives was to provide greater clarity, accountability and transparency on the running of the DPHT.  We were aware that an increasing number of members were not locally based or would be unable to attend due to other commitments.  We were keen that we found a way for each one to have a ‘voice’.

Please take the time to read through the documents when received and vote and if you have any questions make free use of the form to raise them.  Dependant upon time, we may not be able to cover all at the AGM but we will undertake to respond to each question within the following 3 weeks.

We very much look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at the AGM on Tuesday 26th September at 5.30pm  

For those able to attend the AGM in person you have the option of using the online voting forms or vote on the evening.
Note that only one of these votes ‘count’.  If you have not voted electronically you will be given a voting card upon arrival at the AGM. 


We have welcomed aboard our new CEO Debbie Leach and we look forward to Debbie leading the charity as we drive forward.

We have also increased the breadth and depth of knowledge on the Board by co-opting two new Board members, subject to confirmation by the membership of the AGM, Paul Neilson and Paul Pearse.  Both are local and bring with them expertise in farming, husbandry, veterinary services and finance.

I would encourage all members to read their profiles that are included in the AGM documents and confirm their appointment as Board Members.

I have stood-down as Chairman after two years but will remain as a Board member.  The Board of Trustees have elected Mike Lithgow CBE as new Chair for a period of 12 months at the Board of Trustee meeting on August 23rd.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trustees who have continued their commitment to the charity and have built a new and dynamic team together, ensuring that the DPHT remains stable and I look forward to supporting Mike as our new Chair. 

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