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Guests at Parke

We have some very welcome guests here at Parke who belong to our Founder Elizabeth Newbolt Young.

Meet Shilstone Rocks Torridge (Dam) and Shilstone Rocks Bellever (Filly) They are usually up in the heart of Dartmoor on our site at Bellever.

Torridge joined the herd in November 2020 with her 8 month old  filly foal Freedom.  But we had a little surprise in August 2021 when little Bellever appeared!

After phase one and two of clearing our herd of strangles in October and November, these two lovely girls along with Freedom have been receiving extra care and treatment from the wonderful team at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary who have been working on the project with us alongside Nic De Bruewere of Redwings.  Now they have been treated and tested negative for strangles they are spending a little time at our Parke site before heading back to Bellever. Freedom has already re-joined the herd and is happy back doing her conservation grazing job with the other 23 Dartmoor ponies we have on site.  Her friend Frost is taking care of her and very glad to have her back.

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