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Good news and Sad news

Dear Friend

I hope this finds you well and happy in these strange times. Let’s hope we’ll be on our way out of the pandemic before too long. 

First, I have some lovely news for you. Our ex-adoption pony Smartie has happily departed to her new forever home after becoming long-term lame. She’ll be very well loved and cared for by her new owners.

Second, some sad news that has knocked us sideways. We’re heartbroken to tell you that our dearest boy, much-loved companion and four-legged partner George, who joined me on so many wonderful adventures on Dartmoor, has died.

George was known and loved for bringing joy and achievement to the young and the young at heart alike, a pony with a generous sense of humour. A handsome bright bay gelding, he was both a gentleman and a scallywag, impossible to tie up. He untied every knot we tried before heading for the nearest food source. His equine physio Rachel kindly described him as having ‘wide sprung ribs’ rather than being portly!

Fondly known as Georgie Porgie or Podge, George loved playing with volunteers, giving them the run-around. We also spent countless delightful solitary hours walking the moor and the woods at Parke. I’d tell him my inner thoughts, as people have done for millennia and will keep doing for as long as there are horses and people. We made a powerful bond over sixteen wonderful years and everyone who knew him adored him. 

Poor old George – the latest of three adoption ponies we’ve lost – is the final straw for our adoption scheme, at least for now. With just one adoption pony left it just isn’t practical. But we’d love to use your donations to keep supporting our herd of ponies at Bellever, and the conservation and education programmes we run. Is that OK with you?

Everything we do brightens the future of this uniquely gorgeous place. The native Dartmoor pony sits right at the heart of these awe-inspiring landscapes. Without the work the ponies naturally do to maintain these beautiful landscapes, Dartmoor as we know it would quickly disappear. In a very real sense, these wonderful animals embody everything that makes Dartmoor what it is, and that’s sheer magic.

Unless we hear otherwise, we’ll assume you’re still happy to help us. Thank you in memory of George, on behalf of our wonderful team and all our volunteers and friends.

Wishing you and your loved ones well.   

Dru Butterfield

Chief Executive Officer



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