Dawlish Warren ponies 20230925_192806000_iOS
Dawlish Warren Conservation Grazing

We had visitors at Parke for a couple of days at the end of September.

6 Ponies returned from the RSPB HQ at Sandy in Bedfordshire where they have been conservation grazing since April came into Parke for health checks before travelling to Dawlish Warren where they will be grazing until December.

These ponies are owned by Paul and Vicky Pearse of Barramoor Farm who are one of 18 Pony Keepers that DPHT supports.

Ray Mounce kindly transported them to Dawlish as we had a logistical challenge due to a low railway bridge 8 Feet max height.

Ray came to the rescue with his 7’6” stock trailer and the ponies loaded like a dream.

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