Mal boys and Smarts July 2022
Boss, Braveheart and a Surprise!

Recognise these three lovelies?
Yes, its Boss – being his cheeky old self, handsome Braveheart and the gorgeous Smartie. All reunited.
Mal Hoare kindly sent these images for us to share with you all.
Don’t they look splendid and content?
No wonder! they have a 5* home with Mal in Surrey and are a big hit with their new guardians and everyone they meet.
No surprise there!

Message from Mal

Sarah has sent photos of the Ponies relaxing in the fields, but I just want you to know how important they all are to the families here . They play such an important role to all families and Residents but also to families of Children with Mental Health Problems . Next pictures we send will be those pics that help to explain their role with the families. Pictures say a thousand words so let hope that is true💕💕

We know we have the most special Ponies . Braveheart is settled and keeps his friends in Order or though I know Smartie and Boss hold their own. 

Braveheart carries panniers and when our Panniers from Scotland arrive, I will send Pictures of how he carries Picnics for the Residents to the Pavillion . He is a star. The Panniers are wicker and used in Scotland for the grouse season . They are beautifully made and just what we need for picnics . 

Boss it adorable and just amazing with the children and just loves the fuss, not a bad bone in his body with patience in spades. We all love him. What a kind pony. 

Smartie loves to be busy, so she is the main pony . She is the most responsive and just seems to know what is needed. Charlotte (Sarah’s daughter and my grand daughter ) loves her and she gives her short rides but also is used with a child in a wheel chair.

More pictures to follow soon

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