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Bellever Conservation Grazing Research Update

Conservation Grazing Research Update.

A new salt block was put out earlier in the week, ponies were recorded grazing on molinia and at a salt post. Tracks in the molinia are now obvious to the casual observer, sward surface height has reduced and sward structure increased. Our Plymouth Uni student will be on site mid June to start further field studies.


Ponies are traversing the 450 ha site daily, visiting the research area as part of their daily routine. We are using a roaming salt post, whilst we monitor grazing results on existing posts.

Ponies are still visiting all areas and have created a site covered in tracks opening up the molinia enabling bilberry, heather, heath bedstraw, sphagmum moss, and other plants to re-establish. We are carrying out bird and invertebrate surveys to further evidence the benefits of pony grazing.

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