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A busy week at Parke – Event, goodbyes and welcome

We have had a very busy week at Parke.  First of all hosting our first event of 2023

Tea and Talk 24th May 2023 – Bookable event

Our visitors were are very friendly crowd who enjoyed an afternoon of tea, coffee and cake alongside two wonderful speakers in Margaret Rogers and Tracey Elliott-Reep.

We were also extremely happy to see our Founder Elizabeth Newbolt Young who joined us all for the afternoon.

Saturday 27th May 2023 – We said Goodbye to dear Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell was safely transported and delivered to Jane Barber in Suffolk to join her best friend Kit Kat

She will have the best life. Farewell special filly

We have some special visitors at Parke 

5 Fully Registered Mares who will be making their way to Bellever to join our conservation grazing herd in the very heart of Dartmoor



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