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The DPHT has a herd of approximately 25 native Dartmoor Ponies used for conservation grazing. The ponies are used to increase wildlife and to keep the vegetation in check, you can normally catch sight of them around their favourite haunt at Bellever Tor.

It’s a magical sight, and one we’re privileged to share with you. The ponies we care for come in a range of ages, from youngsters like Pan, a grey yearling gelding who runs with his dam, to older animals like Joey, a large dark bay gelding with a thick winter moustache and a big white star.

They are such incredible animals, calm and friendly as well as an essential element of this ancient Moorland’s extraordinary history. Thanks to sponsors like you we can carry on our work, protecting the ponies and the unique landscape that sustains them.

Would you like to join us and enjoy all the special things involved in Gorse Membership? It makes a superb gift for someone you love as well as a treat for yourself.

If you require this membership as a gift please purchase online and then go to our Contact Us page and send in your name and telephone number.  We will contact you to get that arranged.  It’s that easy!

In return for your support, which matters such a lot to us and the ponies, you will have access to an exciting online members area keeping you up to date with all our important work and latest news.


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