Mike Lithgow CBE


Mike Lithgow CBE

Michael Lithgow CBE CEng FIET was born in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham – a long way from Dartmoor! He attended St John’s Secondary Modern in the days before comprehensive schools and went on to join the Army, being commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals. For the next 30 years he commanded from Troop to Bridge level, supporting counter-terrorism activities, UN Peace Support deployments and other UK operations.

Upon leaving the Forces he headed up Gartner Strategic Technology Consulting in UK, Nordics and South Africa. Michael Lithgow was engaged on a significant number of very large technology and business transformation programmes advising and Board level in conjunction with growing Gartner Consulting business.

His involvement with Dartmoor came about as a result of his love of walking and ponies. As his two daughters grew out of ponies, together with Gillian, he took up carriage driving. Both were keen to compete with native ponies. It was therefore an easy decision to choose the Dartmoor Pony and for many years they competed at Club level and were members of the Dartmoor Pony Society. The introduction to the Dartmoor Pony resulted in frequent returns to Dartmoor and getting to know and better understand the complex environment in which the Pony lives.

Michael Lithgow has been a Member and Sponsor of the DPHT for a number of years. The recent decision to step back from full time work has provided the opportunity to provide greater support to the DPHT at an important point in time as the work it does, not just for the Dartmoor Pony, but also education and the environment gains ever greater recognition. Michael Lithgow is particularly keen to offer support and advice on expanding membership and understanding of the hugely important work the Trust undertakes.

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