Dru Butterfield

DPHT co-founder

Dru Butterfield

In 2004 you could attend a pony auction and buy two foals for a £1
It was a dismal time for farmers producing Dartmoor Ponies from Dartmoor.

By April 2005 we had established the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust

The situation is very different now and we have worked incredibly hard to ensure this never happens again.

Dartmoor has featured profoundly in my life and my passion for this special place continues as I mature. Watching the ponies grazing freely on the moor has always been a great joy for my family. I become more determined to help others understand, appreciate, care for and protect our wide-open spaces and the livestock that graze them.

I have a great interest in land management and particularly in equine conservation grazing which I have studied over the past 15 years. I act as a consultant to the DPHT, a charity I am proud to have established with a wonderful team of trustees. Internationally recognised Dartmoor Pony expert and breeder Elizabeth Newbolt-Young continues to be an inspiration to me and her dream of securing the future of the Dartmoor Pony on Dartmoor for future generations.

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