Andy Taylor

Trustee and architect

Andy Taylor

My name is Andy Taylor, my wife Joy and I are in our fifteenth year with DPHT and I am in my twelfth year as a Trustee, my present portfolio being poo and plasters.

I have been with the ponies, virtually every day since we met when they were very young, barring a few holidays; and of course with dear Charlie when he left us. We used to operate from Dru’s kitchen table until we came to Parke. Dru and I drew the first plans and handed them to an architect who put them into proper drawings, but the same. I “supervised” the build visiting every day, probably to the annoyance of the workers and again on the building of the second barn.

Joy and I used to operate the Adoption Scheme and I wrote the newsletter. We have now relinquished those roles to lovely people who have computer skills and better ideas. DPHT gets into your blood, especially the ponies and the super people you meet along the way, so I will be here for a little while yet; until I am completely lost using a computer.

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