The Dartmoor Pony

The dartmoor pony

Should stand no higher than 12.2hh with a full flowing mane and tail.  They are bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut or roan in colour (piebalds and skewbalds are not allowed) Excessive white markings are discouraged.

registered Dartmoor Ponies

Are registered with the Dartmoor Pony Society and are recognised as a native rare breed.  They originate from the wild herds on Dartmoor and share the same ancestors as many of the herds still roaming the moor today.  For further information please visit: www.dartmoorponysociety.com

Traditional unregistered / Heritage ponies

Many Dartmoor Ponies born and bred on Dartmoor come from the indigenous herds which have grazed there for many generations.  They are tough, robust and surefooted, thriving in harsh moorland conditions.

Dartmoor Ponies - Our Heritage

By becoming the owner of a moor bred Dartmoor Pony you are helping to preserve the indigenous Dartmoor Pony herds and landscape, whilst buying a potential friend for life.