AGM Wednesday 28th September

Please Vote to Conserve our future!


Please find below the following documents:- Click on each to download:-

  1. Proxy vote form – Please download, complete and return – If you can not attend the meeting.
  2. AGM Notice Poster.
  3. Full copy of proposed AoAs
  4. Current AoA & MoA
  5. Annual Report & Financial Statement to March 2022

YOur vote is important to us:

Click to Download FULL proposed AoAs
Click to Download Current M & AoAs
DPHT Annual Report & Financial Statement to March 2022

The AoA is a legal document and as such has to be framed in the legal language of such a document. This sometimes can make it a little challenging to absorb the technicalities of some of the clauses. You are encouraged to read through the full document avaible opposite for downlaod however as a guide the main changes that have been incorporated are:

• Section 4. The Trustees (also called Directors) now have fixed terms of office. The majority of the Trustees are to be elected by the members.
• Section 5. Lays out the frequency of meetings to be held by the Trustees (minimum of 4 per year). The ability for meetings to be held virtually.
• Section 6. Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair plus limits on terms of office.
• Section 9 and 10. These sections deals with conflict of interests and how this is to be handled.
• Section 14. Conduct of meetings and definition of quorum for a meeting to be valid.
• Section 15. Voting and use of proxy vote.
• Section 17. Introduction of online voting. The Trustees recognise that we are fortunate in having an increasingly diverse membership in terms of knowledge, skills, experience and geographic location. In order to enable every member to use their vote, asking all members to be physically present is no longer viable, hence the introduction of electronic voting conducted by a 3rd party.