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When you adopt a pony with us, you play an incredibly valuable part in keeping these gorgeous animals on the Moor. You support the dedicated farmers who care for them and our efforts to promote the Dartmoor Pony for conservation grazing, helping secure a long term future for them. You also help fund our amazing Equine Assisted Learning courses, and the other popular educational initiatives that people love so much.

Pony adoption is a truly special gift. In many ways people like you are the future. You’re not only helping to protect the iconic Dartmoor Pony, which has graced the Moorland with its gentle presence for centuries. You will also help safeguard the unique ecology of Dartmoor National Park itself.

If you wish to purchase an adoption as a gift.  Please purchase online to make payment and then go to our Contact Us page and send us your name and telephone number.  We will call back to get that arranged for you.  Thank you for your support.

In return for your support, which matters such a lot to us and the ponies, you will have access to an exciting online members area keeping you upto date with all our important work and latest news.

Your Adoption Pack:


Smartie is a petite and pretty jet black mare, with a very kind and gentle nature. She thoroughly enjoys being around people of all ages and has been involved in our ‘Ponies Inspiring People’ programme. A wonderful ambassadress for the Dartmoor Supplementary Registered  Pony.

Meet Rolo

He is our youngest pony and is a beautiful liver chestnut in colour. He is a friendly and trustworthy gelding. His behaviour is impeccable when we take him to events and he adores lots of attention and meeting people of all ages. A wonderful Heritage Pony. 

Meet George

He is a very handsome gelding, with a bright bay coat and striking black mane and tail. George is calm and friendly. He has experienced a huge amount and been involved in the Ten Tors Challenge five times!! He will continue his invaluable work alongside young people with disabilities and children on school visits. 

Pony Adoption makes an ideal gift

By adopting one of these ponies, you will be helping provide the general public with education, awareness and information on the special heritage of the indigenous Dartmoor Pony. Provide support for the native Dartmoor Pony on Dartmoor, and our ‘Ponies Inspiring People’ programme. 

If you wish to purchase an adoption as a gift please purchase online to make payment and then message us from the Contact Us page with your name and telephone number.  We will get back to you to get this arranged.  Thank you for your support.