At Our Visitor Centre



Pony Power is a half-day pony experience. The sessions are aimed at primary schools, but can be easily adapted for an older or younger audience.

We can also organize FREE guided walks around our conservation site at Bellever on the high moor. Learn about the ponies and their environment.

We also create tailor-made courses to suit pupils with special needs and challenging behaviour.

Just give us a call on 01626 833234 or email to find out more!

Public access

The public has legal open access to about 47,400 hectares of Dartmoor. Of this total, public access on foot (and horseback) to the Dartmoor commons was secured under the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985. In areas of open access, generally you don’t have to stay on footpaths, bridleways or other rights of way. However, we recommend giving ponies a fairly wide berth, as they are mostly untamed.

We keep a herd of Dartmoor Ponies at our visitor centre. We use them to work with school groups. Our Pony Power sessions help students to understand the importance of their environment and how ponies have helped create and maintain the Dartmoor landscape. Participants are given a hands-on opportunity to groom the ponies and lead them around the Parke Estate. The session has a particular emphasis on National Park values and Moor Care.